Resident Service at Detroit Receiving Hospital

This is a Level I trauma center and also a Hazardous Material Center. Neurosurgery has a dedicated floor and a dedicated neurotrauma ICU. A neurointensivist, a member of the neurosurgery faculty, supervises the care of the neurosurgery patients and the residents rotating on this service. There is no dedicated outpatient facility; patients are seen in the HUH clinic. Residents also follow patients sent to the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM) with weekly rounds.  

Detroit Receiving Hospital (DRH) Service Faculty

  • Dr. Wajd Al-Holou
  • Dr. Murali Guthikonda
  • Dr. Ali Luqman
  • Dr. Marc Moisi
  • Dr. Sandeep Mittal
  • Dr. Sandra Narayanan