Carolyn Harris, PhD

Carolyn Harris, PhD

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences; Secondary Appointment, Neurosurgery


Carolyn Harris, PhD

Narrative Bio

The Harris laboratory is broadly interested in understanding neuroinflammation and cell-biomaterial interactions in neurological conditions. Using confocal microscopy, translational research, bench-top 3D culture models, and high-throughput microfluidic models, our team works to understand the impact of the patient's individual conditions on failure of chronic indwelling devices implanted in the brain. Specifically, we focus on the shunt device, and implement tools to study mechanisms of shunt failure in the treatment of hydrocephalus. The influence of brain injury, fluid dynamics, and blood-cerebrospinal fluid-barrier integrity is also captured within our research umbrella.

In addition to her academic activities, Dr. Harris is deeply committed to improving public education and cultivating communication and a sincere connection with patients. These interests are fostered from a multilevel perspective with specific attention to teaching undergraduate, graduate, and medical students, residents and fellows, and by reaching out to the community to interact with patients and their families. Questions are always welcomed.



Office Address

6135 Woodward Ave, Room 1413, Detroit, MI 48202
Integrative Biosciences Center


Postdoctoral Fellow
Center for Integrative Brain Research
Seattle Childrens Research Institute
Seattle, Washington

Postdoctoral Fellow, Neurosurgery
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah


PhD, Bioengineering
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah


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