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Peter Papapetrou
Former Student Researcher

Exercise Preconditioning Reduces Neuronal Apoptosis in Stroke by Up-regulating HSP-70 (HSP-72) and ERK 1/2


Liebelt B, Papapetrou P, Ali A, Guo M, Ji X, Peng C, Rogers R, Curry A, Jimenez D, Ding Y. Exercise preconditioning reduces neuronal apoptosis in stroke by up-regulating heat shock protein-70 (heat shock protein-72) and extracellular-signal-regulated-kinase 1/2. Neuroscience 166(4): 1091-1100, 2010.

Medical Education

Wayne State University School of Medicine, 2008-Peresent

Undergraduate Education
The University of Western Ontario, Honors Specialization in Chemistry, 2004-2008