R. Justin Garling MD

R. Justin Garling MD

Neurosurgery, Year 5


R. Justin Garling MD

Narrative Bio


Originally from Desoto, TX, Dr. Garling attended college at Duke University in Durham, NC where he double majored in Chemistry and History. He graduated with Distinction in Chemistry in 2009 after defending his senior thesis entitled “Differences in Lipid Distribution Between Parkinson’s vs Non-Parkinson’s Diseased Neuromelanin from the Substantia Nigra, Cerebellum, and Putamen Brain Regions.”


Dr. Garling attended The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio (UTHSCSA) School of Medicine where he was awarded The Roman Hlatky, M.D. Excellence in Neuroscientific Research Award by the UTHSCSA Department of Neurosurgery for exceptional work performed in basic neuroscience research. Upon graduation from medical school, Dr. Garling was awarded M.D. with Distinction in Research for his work on traumatic brain injury under the guidance of Drs. Lora T. Watts and Murat Digicaylioglu. He studied the neuroprotective effects of progesterone and purinergic receptor stimulation on traumatic brain injury in a closed skull TBI mouse model.



Clinical: Skull base, endoscopic skull base

Research: Traumatic Brain Injury


Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan

St. Josephs Hospital
Phoenix, Arizona


MD, with Distinction in Research
The University of Texas Health Science Center
San Antonio School of Medicine
San Antonio, Texas


BA, Chemistry with Distinction
BA, History
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina


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