Peter Papapetrou

Peter Papapetrou

Peter Papapetrou


NSERC summer research internship at UWO

DAAD summer research internship in Germany


Wayne State University School of Medicine, 2008-Peresent


The University of Western Ontario, Honors Specialization in Chemistry, 2004-2008

Awards & Honors

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award

DAAD Research Internship in Science and Engineering


Liebelt B, Papapetrou P, Ali A, Guo M, Ji X, Peng C, Rogers R, Curry A, Jimenez D, Ding Y. Exercise preconditioning reduces neuronal apoptosis in stroke by up-regulating heat shock protein-70 (heat shock protein-72) and extracellular-signal-regulated-kinase 1/2. Neuroscience 166(4): 1091-1100, 2010.