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Catherine (Kate) Peterson, MD
Resident, Year 2

4201 St. Antoine Boulevard
Suite 6E, Neurosurgery
Detroit, Michigan 48201


Originally from Chisinau, Moldova, Dr. Peterson grew up in Indiana and graduated from Purdue University School of Science with a BSc. degree (Honors) in biology with a minor in chemistry. She had an opportunity to participate in research involving glioblastoma stem cells while in college and it was at that time when her interests in neurosciences and neurosurgery had evolved. After graduating from Indiana University School of Medicine, Dr. Peterson began her neurosurgery residency at Wayne State. She is passionate about research and helping the underserved population.

In her spare time, she enjoys running, biking, volleyball, and acrylic painting.


Clinical: tumor, functional, pediatric neurosurgery
Research: cancer stem-like cells, tumor immunotherapy


Kanakasabai S, Pestereva E, Chearwae W, Gupta SK, et al. (2012) PPAR gamma agonists promote oligodendrocyte differentiation of neural stem sells by modulating stemness and differentiation genes. PLoS ONE 7(11).

Kovanda T, Pestereva E, Lee A. (2016) Intrathecal baclofen pump migration into the peritoneal cavity: A case report. Anesth Pain Med 6(3): e33031.

Pestereva E, Kanakasabai S, and Bright JJ. (2012) PPAR gamma agonists regulate the expression of stemness and differentiation genes in brain tumor stem cells. Br J Cancer 106 (1702-1712).

White IK, Pestereva E, Shaikh KA, Fulkerson DH (2016) Transfer of children with isolated linear skull fractures: Is it worth the cost? J Neurosurg Pediatr 17(5):602-6.


Wayne State University School of Medicine
Detroit Medical Center
Detroit, Michigan

Medical Education

Indiana University School of Medicine
Indianapolis, Indiana

Undergraduate Education
Purdue School of Science, IUPUI
Indianapolis, Indiana