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Arianne Boylan, MD
Chief Resident

4201 St. Antoine Boulevard
Suite 6E, Neurosurgery
Detroit, Michigan 48201


Arianne Boylan attended Wellesley College where she earned her BA in Biology. She earned her MD at the Yale School of Medicine and completed additional graduate work as a research fellow with Dr. Murat Gunel. She wrote her thesis on the proteomics and genomics of cerebral cavernous malformations.

She started her Neurological Surgery training at the University of Colorado and transferred to Wayne State in 2014.


Complex Spine, Spine Oncology, Trauma, Neurointensive Care



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Winston, Stence, Boylan, Beauchamp. Upward Translation of Cerebellar Tonsils Following Surgical Expansion of Supratentorial Cranial Vault: A Unified Biomechanical Explanation of Chiari Type I. Pediatric Neurosurgery 2015;50(5):243-9.

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Tanriover G, Boylan AJ, Diluna ML, Pricola KL, Louvi A, Gunel M. PDCD10, the gene mutated in cerebral cavernous malformation 3, is expressed in the neurovascular unit. Neurosurgery. 2008 Apr;62(4):930-8.


Wayne State University School of Medicine
Detroit Medical Center
Detroit, Michigan

University of Colorado
Boulder, Colorado

Medical Education

Yale Medical School
New Haven, Connecticut

Undergraduate Education

BA, Biological Science
Wellesley College
Wellesley, Massachusetts