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Nicholas Szerlip Is Department's Newest Faculty Member

Dr. Nicholas Szerlip is the newest member of our department, and our neuro-oncology team. Dr. Szerlip received his medical degree from Tulane Medical School. He then completed his neurosurgery residency at University of Maryland Medical Cen¬ter. During that time he studied as a clinical/research neurosurgical fellow for a year and a half at the NINDS under Drs. Russell Lonser and Ed Oldfield. After complet¬ing residency he obtained a neurosurgical oncology fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He stayed on an extra year completing a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Cameron Brennan examining Glioblastoma pathway signaling.

As an assistant professor of Neurosurgery at Wayne State University Medical School, Dr. Szerlip’s sur¬gical interest is in the treatment of primary and metastatic tumors to the brain and spine. He is also interested in tumors of the skull base and the use of minimally invasive techniques in neurosurgical oncology. Dr. Szerlip also possesses expertise in radiosurgery of the brain and spine.

Dr. Szerlip has done extensive research in the genomics of primary brain tumors and the effects of tumor micro-environment on genetic expression. His current research interests lie in examining the effects of radiation on neoplastic and normal brain parenchyma and elucidating the pathophysiologic pathways and receptors involved in radiation injury after cancer treatment as well as, developing a novel targeted molecular approach to treat tumors. Dr. Szerlip also performs clinical research, working as part of the neuro-oncology team at Wayne State / Karmanos Cancer Center examining targeted molecular therapies for primary brain tumors. He publishes extensively about radiation and brain tu¬mor biology/treatment.

We are happy to have Dr. Szerlip as the newest member of our department, and look forward to his enrichment of our program.