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Level 4 Epilepsy Program Helps Struggling Patients

When Jacob Erpenbeck began having seizures several times a week, he desperately needed help and answers. After various attempts to cure the seizures, his neurologist recommended that he explore the possibility of entering DMC Harper Hospital’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Program (CEP), which in recent years was pioneered as a nationally recognized epilepsy facility. The program features a wide array of state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment procedures aimed at eliminating or reducing seizures caused by the disorder.

As a “Level 4” epilepsy treatment facility (so designated by the authoritative National Association of Epilepsy Centers, or NAEC), the Harper program enjoys “gold-standard” accreditation – an endorsement based on the excellence of its diagnostic methods, high-tech treatment procedures and quality care of patients.

Aashit K. Shah, M.D., a veteran neurologist in the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, and Sandeep Mittal, M.D., a skilled neurosurgeon who specializes in conducting surgical procedures aimed at removing the offending brain tissue in which the electrical disorder originates, were integral in assisting Jacob with his debilitating seizures.

According to the program’s latest medical data, more than 70 percent of patients who are surgically treated there for epilepsy-related seizures are no longer affected by them after the treatment ends and more than 90 percent of patients who are treated with medications alone will experience a significant reduction in the intensity of their seizures.

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