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Wayne State University School of Medicine

Faculty Profile

Bratislav Velimirovic, M.D.
Assistant Professor
4201 St. Antoine Street, Suite 6E
Detroit, Michigan 48201

B.Velimirovic, and D.Djuric, Functional characteristics of the smooth muscles of the varicose veins. Medicinski Podmladak, 39: 65-70, 1987.

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A.G. Bassuk, D. Burrowes, B. Velimirovic, J. Grant, and G.F. Keating: A child with spinal cord arteriovenous malformations presenting with raised intracranial pressure, Neurology 2003 60: 1724-1725.


1999- 2005
Department of Neurosurgery
McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University
Chicago, Illinois


1993 1997
Research Fellow
Department of Pharmacology
Mayo Foundation
Rochester, Minnesota

Medical Education

1984 1989
College of Medicine
University of Belgrade
Belgrade, Serbia

Graduate Education

1989 1993: Ph.D., Pharmacology
College of Medicine
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

Prior Appointments

1995 1997
Mayo Graduate School
Mayo Foundation
Rochester, Minnesota

1996 1997
Mayo Medical School
Mayo Foundation
Rochester, Minnesota

1997 1999
Department of Pediatrics
Harvard Medical School
Boston, Massachusetts

2006 2009
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Neurological Surgery
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, Illinois